Pennsylvania_2011_Andreas_FrickAs a professional genealogist, Melanie Frick, MLS, enjoys reuniting families with their long-forgotten ancestors. She finds it most rewarding to go beyond names and dates to unearth those fascinating stories that make families who they are today. Please contact her for her current research rates and fee schedule. Note: At this time, only a limited number of research clients are accepted.


To know your family history is to better know yourself. Whether you would like to build your family tree from the ground up or prefer to focus on a specific research problem that has you stumped, Melanie is able to work with you and your budget. Her research specialties within American genealogy include, but are not limited to, the Midwest and Great Plains regions, as well as French Canadian, German, and Danish heritages. Melanie strives to bring depth and professionalism to her research, carefully compiled and presented in fully sourced research reports and narratives that will be treasured family keepsakes. Enrich your understanding of history by learning about your own family’s unique experiences.


An antique photograph can offer a glimpse into your ancestor’s life in a way that nothing else can. Melanie works with both unidentified and identified photographs in order to learn about the subjects based on the context of photographic medium, time, place, clothing, and other subtle historical clues. For your convenience, she analyzes high-quality scans so that your priceless photographs never have to leave your hands. An informative fact sheet and a narrative report are provided for each photograph analysis.


Allow your written work to reach its greatest potential. Melanie provides writing and editing assistance to those authoring family history books, reports, and narratives, as well as newsletters, websites, and blogs. She offers personalized guidance in regards to style, content, flow, and voice, and ensures that the quality of your written work is not diminished by factual errors or grammatical inconsistencies. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on clarity, she is able to work with you or your society on a wide range of writing and editing projects. Even the most experienced genealogists can benefit from a fresh perspective.

Melanie Frick adheres to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Genealogists.